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Assistance with Home Energy Loan

If your air conditioner or water heater has broken down and you need financial help to upgrade to a new one, Direct Heating Cooling & Water Heaters can help. The Home Energy Efficiency Loan from Manitoba Hydro is available for all homeowners and families who fit the eligibility criteria. This is an affordable and convenient financing option as there is no down payment, and the monthly payment will be added to your energy bill. You can apply for the loan to upgrade your residential heating equipment, air leakage sealing, ventilation, residential water heating equipment and more. Contact us today or visit the Manitoba Hydro website for more information.

Manitoba Energy Loan

With a variety of loan and financing programs, Manitoba Energy Loans encourage you to make energy-efficient upgrades to your home. Carefully read the eligibility for each loan before you apply. For more information, visit their webpage.

Manitoba Efficiency Plan

The Manitoba Efficiency Plan covers different aspects that help you save energy, money, and the environment. With their exceptional customer service, you will be a part of a much bigger plan – contributing to the growing economy of Manitoba. Learn more.

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