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Energy Saving Tips: Reduce Your Winnipeg HVAC Costs

At Direct Heating Cooling & Water Heaters, we have two main goals: to keep your home’s temperature comfortable, and to save you money. For our clients in and around Winnipeg, we want to provide the most cost affordable and reliable heating and cooling possible. That’s why we offer air conditioners, furnaces, hot water tanks and heaters for reliable prices. We’ll make your HVAC system more efficient.

Tricks to Save Energy

To save you even more money and protect the environment, here are some energy saving tips. You can implement these tricks around the household to make your home more energy efficient.


Fix hot water leaks from faucets
Replace your old hot water tank
Get furnace maintenance
Use water-saving showerheads
Take shorter showers
Seal cracks around doors and windows and improve insulation
Turn off water while shaving, soaping hands or brushing teeth
Wait until you have a full load before running laundry
Wash laundry in cold water
Use blinds to regulate direct sunlight
Use plastic window coverings or double glazing

Heating and Cooling Repairs to Save Money

If you implement these tricks, not only will your indoor temperatures be more comfortable, but you’ll notice your monthly heating and cooling bills go down. Repairs, maintenance or replacement of your home HVAC systems can save you money in the long run. Call us for a free estimate.

Heating repair

Free Estimates

Find out how a more efficient HVAC system can save you money.

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